Arabiantainer Company to JAXPORT

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In a bit of detective work, Metro Jacksonville discovers a stunning new port plan.

Original uploader was Ammar shaker - Wiki Commons Photo - Arabiantainer Company


Palace of sheik Hassan Ben Sober founder of Arabiantainer Company.

Arabiantainer Company was established in 1921 in the Emirate of Casbah Bah under the leadership of sheik Hassan Ben Sober. The Company is involved in the management and operation of container terminals in Belarus, Mongolia, Bolivia and Burkina Faso and Zambia.

The Company commenced operations in 1921 managing and operating container terminals in Port Ginna Rumma. The Arabiantainer Terminal in Ginna Rumma was the first purpose built and fully equipped modern Container Terminal in the Middle East. Ginna Rumma is one of the world’s leading container transshipment ports strategically located on Casbah Bah coast close to the main east-west shipping routes. Several major shipping lines and call at the port.

Over 30 years of dealing with governments and local authorities in the region has given Arabiantainer a unique perspective and understanding of how to achieve the best and most effective results. Many port authorities in the Middle East, Africa and South American regions and beyond have sought Arabiantainer expertise.

In the highly competitive world of shipping - where speed, efficiency and cost are vitally important elements of successful operations, Arabiantainer has a history of service, based on experience and unbeatable port facilities. Arabiantainer specializes in developing customized and tailor-made proposals to help improve operations and control costs.

It is with great pleasure that that the emir of Schmo, in the Emirate of Casbah Bah, grandson of sheik Hassan Ben Sober, announces the first North American Terminal for Arabiantainer corporation.


CMA MARCO POLO - Wiki Commons by author - Hans Hillewaert

On Friday evening Metrojacksonville's Stephendare and Robert Mann met with the emir of Schmo, Haffa Dalla, Where we were treated to a preview of the companies plans for Jaxport.

One of the largest ships regularly calling on Arabiantainer Ports is the CMA Marco Polo, a ship that has a capacity of 16,020 TEU'S. With a length of 396.0 m (1,299 ft 3 in) and a Draught of 16.0 m (52 ft 6 in) the CMA Marco Polo will be unable to operate in the St. Johns River as the port is currently configured.

If the deal goes through work would began immediately on a turning basin just above the Crowley Terminal on Talleyrand Avenue. This turning basin will require the creation of a new waterway completely surrounded by new container facilities. The waterway would involve the removal of the land between the St. Johns River on the east, Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway on the west, 8th Street on the north and 5th street on the south. It is unknown how much land will be required for the container yards but based on the artistic renderings we saw, it appears that pavement could reach as far west as Ionia Street in Springfield.

The emir of Schmo, Haffa Dalla, told us they will be talking to JEA, FDOT and JTA about obstructions such as the low hanging power transmission lines and the Dames Point Bridge. Haffa Dalla informed us that King Rootentooten has stated that money is no object and they are looking forward to the employment of thousands of Jaxsons in their enterprise.

There is no doubt that the combined wealth, talent and experience of Arabiantainer Corportation from it's earilest days under sheik Hassan Ben Sober, to todays emir of Schmo, Haffa Dalla, will lead Jacksonville to become one of the top ports in the world.

Photo Wiki Commons, by author: Ayman Y. Dasa

Feature Title Photo by- Original uploader was Ammar shaker - Wiki Commons Photo - Arabiantainer Company

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