Mayor Brown not a fan of SOE's downtown proposal

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Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown expresses his administration's view of the Duval County Supervisor of Elections' desire to construct a new consolidated downtown office building in LaVilla.

The Background for a new Supervisor of Elections office

Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland has an idea to save taxpayer money that is gaining traction with some City Council members.

His office’s operations at Gateway Shopping Center are housed in a building that council members Bill Gulliford and Stephen Joost say is in deplorable condition.

Elevators don’t work. The air-conditioning system is screwy. There have been problems with rats.

Gulliford, who serves on the election canvassing board, said during a Finance Committee meeting this week that visitors to the building had better bring a jacket because the temperature is always 65 degrees.

Joost said he wouldn’t let his Firehouse Subs employees work in such conditions and city employees shouldn’t have to either.

Holland’s proposal is to build a new building in the downtown area that would consolidate the operations now at Gateway and at his Monroe Street office.

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The Mayor's Position

I have seen some previous posts on this subject on Metro Jacksonville, so I wanted to share the attached with you for those readers who are interested in the subject matter. Hope all is well and that your fall is starting well.
Chris Hand
Chief of Staff
Office of Mayor Alvin Brown

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