Kickstarter campaign for One Spark 2013 underway

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I just got back from ArtPrize this Monday - it was great. While parts of it seemed underwhelming (more passive engagement with art, etc.), the majority of the city was buzzing compared to their norm. We had a number of discussions with locals, business owners, artists, and staff from the ArtPrize team regarding the impact to the community. It was, simply put, huge. Museums and galleries double attendance numbers - allowing them to get more grant money each year. Public transport figures skyrocket. The hotels are booked solid. The businesses gain. All in all - it's a big economic engine (as we knew) even though that's not the primary focus.

What we also realized was that we are the world's first crowdfunding festival. The first place where the public has a chance to support tomorrow's ideas, today. In real-time, and in person.

The fastest way for people to launch ideas is to have all of the resources they need in one place and at one time. One Spark brings those people (artists, technologists, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and the public) together for 5 days. During One Spark 2013 each of these folks will share their prototypes, experiments and projects in a really cool way by using downtown Jacksonville as a platform. Any place can be a venue (parking lots, businesses, restaurants, parks, etc.). Anyone can enter.

We're coming down to the wire on this Kickstarter campaign and are just under 70% of the way there for our $90,000 mark. As you know, this is a critical piece of the puzzle for One Spark It's about momentum over money at this point. Let's not waste this opportunity.

I care deeply about the potential of the city, as do you - and even more about the people, like you, in our community. After traveling a lot this past year, we decided to try and do something to help the city. While the goal of One Spark is not economic development, there is no doubt that the by-product of an event with impact similar to that of something between Jazz Fest and the Superbowl will help fill space in our city.

We're asking people to contribute via and contribute as little as $10 and share with this campaign with your networks. In reality, if just 1% of Jacksonville shows up and donates just $10. We'll raise more than enough money to make this happen.

This isn't an easy task and time is running out, but I believe that you and our collective community want to see this event happen.  

Editorial by Elton Rivas