Tres Leches Bakery Cafe Opens in Riverside

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Established in February 2011, Tres Leches is based on the belief that there is nothing more important in life than loved ones and there is not a better way to show them care & love than through meals. According to their website, a warm & cozy meal say more than words can describe and special sweet treats can bring the best out of people. Today, Eddie and Irene Sweda brings their treats to Riverside's Stockton Street with the opening of Tres Leches Bakery Cafe.

The decision to relocate their business to Riverside was a swift one.  Known for their cakes and desserts, the bakery opened its doors at 1839 North Pearl Street in Springfield in February 2011.  While foot traffic and visibility was minimal on Pearl Street, the bakery's popularity increased once it became a fixture on Saturdays at the Riverside Arts Market.  As a result, according to owner Eddie Sweda, a significant portion of their business was being generated by Riverside residents.

The opportunity to relocate to Stockton Street came as a result of Bakery Moderne closing their retail operation at 869 Stockton Street at the end of July.  While on Facebook, Sweda came across this news and was the first to inquire about taking over the bakery's recently deserted storefront. In a matter of weeks, with the help of local investors, the possibility of a higher profile location became a reality.

While Tres Leches opens their doors today, their official grand opening is scheduled for Saturday, October 6, 2012.  Intending to become an anchor to the Stockton Street strip, the restaurant will be open 9am - 9pm Monday thru Thursday and 9am - 10pm Friday and Saturday. The Swedas hope their business can help stimulate synergy with adjacent businesses in establishing Stockton Street as a day and night time destination. To contribute in that effort, Tres Leches Bakery Cafe will include outdoor seating and an inviting night time lighting scheme.

Tres Leches Bakery Cafe, now open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is located at 869 Stockton Street, next to The John Gorrie Condominiums, Bold Bean Coffee Roasters and 13 Gypsies.  For more information, visit:

Article by Ennis Davis