The Body Within at MOSH

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A look into how MOSH exhibits the human body in an incomparable, fascinating way that leaves visitors engaged until the very "end."

What if there was a way to explore the body directly from the inside to get a better grasp on how everything really works?  Well, at the Museum of Science and History (MOSH) there is away.  It’s through the Body Within Exhibit.

The exhibit, which opened in 2009 and is a permanent MOSH feature, takes museum goers through an interactive journey through the body step-by-step from the head-down-to-the … well, that explanation will come later.

The entrance of The Body Within
photcred: MOSH

The voyage begins at the gargantuan head, which takes the audience in through its mouth.  Once inside, the brain, neurons and the eyes are the first elements to be introduced.

A skull replica, model of left the inside of a brain and actual brain on display at The Body Within

The rest of the tour is led by the digestive tract, which explores vital organs such as the heart and skin.  The various features leave little else to wonder about, as unique interactive displays easily engage those around.  One wall holds a television that shows actual surgical procedures; acquired by the Baptist Health, while actual human organs, from the Southeast Tissue Alliance, sit beside it.  The surgeries shown range anything from knee to heart and the organs include a brain, heart and intestines, among other carefully preserved ones.

Intestines of a 79-year-old male, stomach of a 60-year-old male and liver with gallbladder of 51-year-old male on display at The Body Within

The exhibit concludes in a way that eliminates possible confusion as to when it’s ended, as the audience exits through the rear.  Its last interactive feature, the flatulence machine, serves as a silly and playful-yet-informative finale.

An inside view of The Body Within
photocred: COROFLOT

Most adults are familiarized with the human body while they are young, and most young ones are taught about it as a vital element to science, yet the inside of the body remains fascinating and mysterious because rarely are the explanations of how it works tangible.  But for those of any age looking for something more than what they can get from a textbook need to search no further, for The Body Within gives a perceptible description of what lies inside.

article by Melanie Pagan