A Closer Look At Riverside YMCA's Development Plans

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Metro Jacksonville takes a look at the conceptual design plans for Brooklyn's proposed Riverside YMCA project.

Located at 221 Riverside Avenue, the proposed YMCA building is conceptually designed as a three story, 85,000 square feet structure.   The 60 foot high building will include a splash pool over a storm water vault and park facing the riverwalk.

Adjacent to the Northbank Riverwalk, the building will replace the existing YMCA complex along Riverside Avenue, which will be demolished and replaced with a surface parking lot.  In the long term, the YMCA anticipates the future development of a mixed use structure and parking garage on the surface parking lot site.

The short term site plan indicates the current building being demolished and replaced with a surface parking.

The long term site plan indicates that the project's surface parking lot could become the site of a future infill development.

Conceptual Building Elevations

Proposed Site Sections

Short term

Long term

Conceptual Renderings

The Riverside YMCA project will be reviewed by the Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB) for conceptual approval on Thursday, November 1, 2012.  The DDRB meeting will be held at City Hall in 1st Floor, Committee Room B at 2:00 p.m.  City Hall is located at 117 West Duval Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202.

Based on the plans presented, the DDRB Staff recommends conceptual approval of Riverside YMCA's design plans, subject to the following:

1. Applicant to receive a deviation from Sec. 656.361.11-Setback or “build to Lines for the YMCA development to be setback from Riverside Avenue frontage prior to final DDRB review and approval.  

2. Applicant to receive a deviation from Sec. 656.361.14-River Views and Height of Buildings and Structures to permit a 15 foot increase to the 45 foot underlying CRO district height limit so as to permit a 60 foot high YMCA building and remove the dumpster enclosure and provide enhanced landscaping in the view corridor between the proposed YMCA facility and the St. Joe Building.

3. Applicant to show compliance with the Off-Street Parking Overlay requirements including documentation and calculations or receive a deviation from Sec. 656.361.16 Off-street Parking Overlay for the provided parking spaces.  
4. Applicant to provide complete landscape and hardscape plans for Riverside Avenue and Jackson Street showing screening for the interim surface parking lot and compliance with streetscape standards.

5. Applicant to comply with Downtown DRI Development Order conditions, which includes an Archeological Assessment for review and  approval by the OED prior to submittal of Building plans to the Planning and Development Department for building permits prior to commencement of construction.

Development update by Ennis Davis