Street Style: Art Walk May 2012

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Melanie Pagan and Gerald Joseph from Metro Jacksonville fashion department seek out local style during art walk. Throughout the evening they spotted a lot of noteworthy style and photographed stand-out pieces. In this article Melanie explains why denim, bright colored hair and boots with shorts were among her favorite warm-weather looks.

Spring is one of the most liberating seasons for fashion in Florida.  Thick coats (albeit worn in 60 degree weather) are traded in for sleeveless tops while shorts replace tights and jeans.  Dark colors are disregarded and bright ones suddenly take center stage in closets.

The transition from spring to summer wardrobes is just as freeing.  From patterns and mix-matched prints, rarely anything is off limits to experiment with.  During May art walk, people of Jacksonville were spotted wearing some popular, as well as rising trends.

Here, a Jacksonville woman proves that just because we live in a state known for its sunshine does not mean our winter apparel has to stay locked up in closets most of the year.  She shows her boots some love during this warm evening by pairing them with short overalls.  The adorable onesie adds a playful twist to the always-popular denim trend.  To avoid being too matchy-matchy, she wears a simple black tank underneath.  Because the overalls are the standout piece in this ensemble, she keeps the accessories light with silver hoop earrings.

Because warmer months require less clothing, it is easy to feel like there is little to work with.  Mixing and matching prints is a popular way to add flair to any outfit.  It is safe to say these two have this craze down.  To keep a baseball shirt and camo pants from looking tossed together, the man on the right wears black socks to accent the sleeves of his shirt.  His backwards hat and indigo plimsolls keep the look stylish without being too serious.  On the left, the man adds a laid-back, youthful vibe to an oversized printed polo by pairing it with somewhat tight-fitting distressed jeans and a cap.

This woman’s look proves shorts and a shirt can be anything but boring together.  The petite-cut shorts with long pockets stand out against her simple black top.  Her footwear once again exemplifies why boots do not have to temporarily disappear from a Floridian’s life just because chilly weather does.  She ties the look together with black-rimmed glasses and a red hair scarf to add a pop of color often seen in spring ensembles.

Move over ombre, there’s a new trend in town.  This woman shows how color blocking has graduated past clothing to hair with magenta, purple and dark-brown locks.  The multi-dimensional tresses make the color less harsh so it’s an edgy look that is wearable on any occasion.

Distressed denim, boots, mix-matched prints and color blocking were just a few styles worn by art walk attendees.  More looks are soon to come.  Until then, Melanie Pagan and fellow Metro Jacksonville fashion writer Gerald Joseph will have cameras in hand ready to snap photos of our favorite looks.  Stay fashionable Jax, we’re on the hunt for the next trendsetters.  

Models and celebrities featuring these Spring 2012 trends:

Kelly Osbourne, co-star on Fashion Police and pop star Katy Perry both rocking purple tresses.

Volcom model posing with ombre hair and distressed jeans

Singer Rihanna also showing her fondness for the trend.

UK model making different patterns clash in a great way.

Kate Moss in a denim one-piece and sleek black boots during fashion week 2012