Revitalizing Neighborhoods: Atlanta's Glenwood Park

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Glenwood Park is an award-winning, 28-acre, mixed-use brownfield redevelopment, two miles southeast of downtown Atlanta. The neighborhood is noted for its commitment to traditional neighborhood design, walkability, mix of uses, and environmental management practices.

Bill Kennedy Way

Construction of this main road broke ground in 2003.  To prepare the property for redevelopment, 40,000 cubic yards of concrete, 40,000 cubic yards of buried wood chips, and 13 periously unknown underground storage tanks had to be cleaned and removed from the site.  When actual home construction started in 2004, residential builders had to follow the development's architectural code and meet Atlanta's EarthCraft House program standards (  Green Street was able to overcome the financial pressure to do things in a conventional way through financing the project through a small group of investors instead of banks.

Glenwood Park

Because of the project's density, it's estimated that 1.6 million miles of driving is saved per year over what residents would have driven if it was developed as a "typical" autocentric subdivision.

Although not fully built out, the vision of Green Street Properties can be clearly seen today.  Since its creation, Glenwood Park has received numerous awards; They include:

2005 Charter Award, Congress for New Urbanism
2005 EarthCraft House Development of the Year
2004 Community of the Year, Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association
Outstanding Community, Georgia Urban Forest Council
2004 Best Atlanta Real Estate Developer (Charles Brewer), Creative Loafing's Best of Atlanta
2004 Distinguished Conservationist Award (Charles Brewer), Georgia Conservancy

Glenwood Park is southeast of downtown Atlanta near the Interstate 20/Bill Kennedy Way interchange.

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Article by Ennis Davis

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