Jax Truckies plans food truck rally downtown June 9th

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The Jax Truckies presented by Metrojacksonville.com is excited to announce a gourmet food truck rally to stamp out hunger to be held at Burrito Gallery Saturday June 9th from 11AM to 5PM benefitting Second Harvest Food Bank. Food trucks from all over North Florida will be serving up unique, gourmet food to the hungry masses of Jacksonville in this first of it?s kind event. Food trucks in Jacksonville offer a tremendous and affordable variety of hand-crafted, artisan foods. The Jax Truckies will offer a unique opportunity to try a variety of delicious, high end foods at drive-through prices.

Jax Truckies is embarking on a partnership with downtown restaurateur Gallery Restaurant Group, owners of Burrito Gallery, Uptown Market and El Gato Grande.  The rally is designed to be a demonstration event that creates mutually beneficial partnerships with nearby restaurants and retailers.  Not only do food trucks provide consumers with options and spur job creation by offering a cost-effective way to create a small business, but they also contribute to the vibrancy of the neighborhoods they serve.

“Having activities Downtown and creating opportunities to experience our Downtown has been a focus of Gallery Restaurant for nearly a decade. We are happy to support anything positive in the core. We also appreciate those who come Downtown and support our business, our retail neighbors, and producers whose events bring traffic to our emerging city center” says Paul Shockey of Gallery Restaurant Group.

Participants are asked to contribute a $1 donation to Second Harvest for the purchase of a wrist band allowing admission into the event.    The mission of Second Harvest North Florida is to distribute food and grocery products to hungry people and to educate the public about the causes and possible solutions to problems of domestic hunger.  1 in 6 adults experience food insecurity each day in America and 1 in 4 children don’t know where their next meal will come from.  Second Harvest provides food to more than 170,700 individuals annually – or an estimated 31,400 weekly. One dollar donated to Second Harvest generates seven meals, or the equivalent of two days of food for a person in need.

 “Second Harvest welcomes the opportunity to create partnerships with fellow foodies like Jax Truckies,” said Kimberly Mariani, director of community engagement for Second Harvest North Florida. “These types of events are a fun and unique way to raise visibility about the hunger that exists across neighborhoods here in north Florida. We are collaborating with businesses, individuals, civic groups and other nonprofits to help distribute more meals to children, the elderly and working families in need.”

Food trucks have grown in popularity in other cities and are now one of thefastest growing businesses in the State of Florida according the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which regulates and licenses these small businesses.

“This is a one-day event to bring attention to Downtown and to familiarize others about how food trucks can contribute to the fabric of our community,” said organizer Mike Field.  Adding, “These innovative entrepreneurs want to inject some flavor into Jacksonville’s neighborhoods, and downtown certainly needs the help.  We’re so appreciative of Burrito Gallery’s commitment to our city and to be able to also raise money for such a worthy cause like Second Harvest only adds to the transformational nature of this event.  With everyone’s help, we can stamp out hunger in North Florida”

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