Pomade and Tonic

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MetroJacksonviller, Farell Stephens has been working on creating an iconic, masculine barbershop with rockabilly sensibilities and old school vibes for a while now. His project has finally opened and Pomade and Tonic holds traditional barbershop aesthetic and values through a timeless atmosphere. Join us after the jump for MJ Style section editor, Gerald Joseph's take on the new joint!

On a sunny spring day, I left the commercialized Southside and visited Pomade and Tonic located in Jacksonville’s Lakeshore neighborhood. Lakeshore boasts history, charm, and character. As soon as I entered Pomade and Tonic I immediately felt a “timeless” vibe within the air.  

Master Barber and founder Farell Stephens recently opened the shop, and features a clientele of all ages and demographics. Mr. Stephens stresses quality at affordable prices. Barbers have a minimum 15-minute haircut requirement in which they get to know their client on a more individualized level.

Stephens grew up in the Midwest from a family of barbers and cosmetologists. He attended barber college in Louisville, KY, which has the highest certificate requirement in the nation. When Stephens arrived in Jacksonville he was surprised with the “get the client in-and-out” attitude of commercial shops. Eventually, this lead to Stephens’ envisioning Pomade and Tonic.

With vintage chairs, a pool table, and sound speakers for local artists Pomade and Tonic creates a unique yet vintage aesthetic. Stephens has a staff of four – three barbers, and one color artist. The shop perfects cuts for men and women, and uses a main line of hair products for men “Woody’s.”  The history behind the name (Pomade & Tonic), comes from two elements:  pomade, which was the first styling product before gel based products creates thicker, greasy looks, and tonic is used for a grooming aid for dandruff, and according to Stephens barbers thought it cured balding.

You can visit Pomade and Tonic at:
2415 Blanding Boulevard  Jacksonvile, FL 32210
(904) 384-2400

or you can check out their Facebook page at:

Article by Gerald Joseph

Stephens visions future growth of small independent shops across the east coast. Not more than four chairs within the shop. Stephens finds it pertinent to pay staff fairly, and to build community.

Pomade and Tonic operates Tuesday through Fridays from 10-8 p.m. and Saturdays from 12-6 p.m. Stephens specializes in straight razor shaves, and will not leave you displeased. Being personable and timeless, it makes me want to visit again for my next haircut.