Downtown's First Food Truck Rally A Success

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This past weekend, thousands swarmed downtown Jacksonville to attend the Jax Truckies presented by gourmet food truck rally to stamp out hunger at Burrito Gallery. Benefitting Second Harvest Food Bank. This demonstration project proved that food trucks can be a cost effective economic benefit for existing businesses and generating additional foot traffic on downtown's streets. Today, scenes from the rally to stamp out hunger.

Food trucks from all over North Florida served up unique, gourmet food to the hungry masses of Jacksonville in this first of its kind event.  Offering tremendous and affordable variety of hand-crafted, artisan foods, the hungry masses came out in full force to support ten trucks currently operating all over North Florida.

Thank you for all that you do for Jacksonville's Food Trucks! Glad to have you leading the charge for small business! You guys are the Best!!
Diftwood BBQ

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