At Mosh: A Historic Mural by Elmer Grey

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Well-known California architect and artist, Elmer Grey, visited Jacksonville at the beginning of World War II and during his stay, painted a mural for the Navy. Measuring in at two feet high and 35 feet long, the oil on canvas mural was prominently displayed in the Bachelor Officers? Quarters (Building 11) at Naval Air Station Jacksonville until 2011. In early 2012, the mural underwent extensive conservation to remove 70 years of dirt and grime. A team of eleven professional art conservators spent more than 1,500 hours cleaning and restoring the mural back to its original beauty. The newly restored mural is on long-term loan from NAS Jax and is on display in MOSH's Wells Fargo Conference Room. Join us After the Jump for pics and info!

Our new display of a mural painted in 1941 by famed artist and architect Elmer Grey was installed on May 11, 2012. We are utilizing a series of podcasts as a unique way to explain the historical significance and meanings of Grey's work to MOSH visitors.

Measuring in at 35-feet long, the oil on canvas mural illustrates the impact of Spanish and French colonization on Northeast Florida. Painted by Grey as a gift for the Navy in 1941, the mural was displayed at NAS Jax in the Bachelor’s Quarters until 2011 when it was removed for conservation. The newly restored mural is on long-term loan from NAS Jax.

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