Metro Jacksonville T-Shirts Now Available

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In an effort to expand the branding recognition of Metro Jacksonville and many of the small business building and quality-of-life initiatives we promote, Metro Jacksonville and Jax Truckies/I Love Jax Food Truck T-shirts are now available.

Metro Jacksonville Shirts

Founded in March 2006, the mission of Metro Jacksonville is to increase public awareness, educate and provide an avenue for discussing the important issues facing our community.  Since then, our online community has grown to nearly 3,500 members and 6,000 facebook fans.

During this time, we have estalished credibility within the community of being a citizen driven force of influence for the establishement of a more sustainable city that places a high standard on the quality of life of our region.  During our era of operation, we've successfully promoted ideas that have grown into reality, such as Lighting Laura Street, which led to the recently completed Laura Street Streetscape and rallying against a dedicated Bus Rapid Transit project, which resulted in a modification saving taxpayers nearly $1 billion and decades of national embarrassment.  Our platform has also help launch successful initiatives such as Preservation Save Our Springfield (Preservation SOS), the integration of land use and transportation policy to support smart growth (2030 Mobility Plan), and Jax Truckies.

Our abrupt form of community activism has won us fans, as well as enemies who still struggle with how to conquer and muzzle this 21st century social media platform.  With more than 1 million visitors a month, our goal is to increase our market reach and influence within the community to make Jacksonville the superior city we all know it can and should be.  Metro Jacksonville shirts are simple method to promote this cause.

Jax Truckies Shirts

After months of planning, in March 2012, we hosted the first Jax Truckies Food Truck Championship to demonstrate the community's support and pent-up demand for the gourmet food truck industry in our region.  With an attendance cap limited to 300 to avoid long waiting lines, the event sold out in three days.

In addition, a Jax Truckies facebook site was launced to provide daily updates on the location of food trucks, food truck news and information covering truck related events in Northeast Florida.  Today, that site has grown to nearly 2,000 likes.  

In June, Downtown's first food truck rally was held to demonstrate how this industry could help generate foot traffic in the core by taking advantage of an underutilized surface parking lot.  With no attendance cap in place, thousands of residents descended upon the site, causing a crowd that spilled into downtown's streets to support brick & mortar businesses such as Burrito Gallery, Chamblin's Uptown, and the Jacksonville Landing.

To date, while the community has fully supported the rallies we've hosted, more visibility and support is needed to accomplish our goal of modifying local zoning regulations limiting this popular industry, the economic development, and job creation that comes with it.  With that in mind, Jax Truckies t-shirts serve as an additional method to advance this cause.