Haleigh Jacquot Photo Essay: Kingsley Plantation

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Haleigh Jacquot brings us a photo essay about the architectural detailing of the Kingsley Plantation. Through attention to detail she brings a little focus on the building techniques employed in a bizarre era of Jacksonville history. Kingsley Plantation is an ongoing archaeology revelation, as digs and explorations are still uncovering the strange narrative of the location. Most people know the celebrated, African American owned Plantation from the legends of Anna Kingsley, the mistress of the plantation---a Senegalese princess sold into slavery to her future husband, Zephaniah Kingsley, but the site was also an important part of the general wars surrounding the War of 1812. Join us after the jump for engrossing details!

 "The Kingsley Plantation is a cotton plantation, located on Fort George Island.  It includes the plantation house, kitchen house, a barn and 25 slave cabins.  It was a plantation during 1763-1865.  With the exterior and interior, you can tell how old and aging the plantation has gotten after all these years." - Haleigh Jacquot

Images by Haleigh Jacquot

MetroJacksonville.com is working with Ana Kamiar, MFA, of the Art Institute of Jacksonville to create a series of student created photo essays that highlight the people, environment, culture and thoughts of the metro Jacksonville region. This is their response.

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