America's Vainest Cities

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Apparently, Florida is the land of vanity. In this survey Men's Health Magazine analyzed the percentage of people who paid for services related to "enhancing" physical attributes.

Men's Health magazine recently conducted research on studying America's "Most Vain Cities."

Here's the process on how Men's Health conducted their findings.

We added up each city's rates for cosmetic procedures (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), Botox users, folks who go for dye jobs, and people who will spend anything to look younger (Experian Marketing Services). We also tallied sales of at-home hair dyes, teeth whiteners, and shapewear (SimplyMap), as well as per-capita rates of cosmetic dentists, plastic surgeons, and tanning salons (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, AMA, and SimplyMap). Finally, Foursquare told us where people check into those salons most often (Men's Health, June 2012).

This list, created by Men's Health Magazine, is based on the percentage of people who pay for plastic surgery, botox, salon and tanning services...etc. Essentially, services that provide "enhancements" to the physical body.

Most Vain

1. Tampa, FL
2. Plano, TX
3. Atlanta, GA
4. Las Vegas, NV
5. Dallas, TX
6. Pittsburgh, PA
7. Houston, TX
8. Miami, FL
9. San Francisco, CA
10. Providence, RI
11. St. Petersburg, FL
12. Fort Worth, TX
13. Baton Rouge, LA
14. Jackson, MS
15. Virginia Beach, VA
16. Orlando, FL
17. New York, NY
18. Washington, DC
19. Sacramento, CA
20. Phoenix, AZ
21. San Diego, CA
22. Lubbock, TX
23. Columbia, SC
24. Reno, NV
25. Bakersfield, CA
26. Wilmington, DE
27. Fresno, CA
28. Jacksonville, FL
29. New Orleans, LA
30. Norfolk, VA

Least Vain:

91. Memphis, TN
92. Toledo, OH
93. Detroit, MI
94. Burlington, VT
95. Fort Wayne, IN
96. Kansas City, MO
97. Fargo, ND
98. Sioux Falls, SD
99. Lincoln, NE
100. Des Moines, IA

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According to their findings each major metro in Florida outranks Los Angeles, CA. How accurate is this? Is this the sign of Florida's new image?