Suburban Jacksonville: Julington Creek Plantation

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With nearly 6,000 residents spread over 5,000 acres, Julington Creek Plantation has become one of Jacksonville's fastest growing suburban master planned communities since it's founding in 1994.

About Julington Creek Plantation Community Development District

Situated along Race Track Road between State Road 13 and Interstate 95, Julington Creek Plantation was established in 1994 by the Atlantic Gulf Communities Corporation.  Covering 4,150 acres, the community's amenities include over 100 lakes, 1,200 acres of nature preserves, and seven miles of bike & jogging trails.  Like the urban core of Jacksonville, the Julington Creek includes higher density development, commerical, recreational, and educational uses in its center.  However, unlike the city, connectivity between many of these uses is better suited for the automobile.

A short stretch of Race Track Road illustrating the area's 1990's era rural feel.

Race Track Road through Julington Creek today.

Regional Parks

Julington Creek Plantation is home to two large recreational parks.  Both Mills Field Community Park and the Regional County Park are located on Race Track Road.  Most park users appear to drive to these parks from their residences throughout the community.

Commercial Julington Creek Plantation

Julington Creek Plantation's commercial districts are located along Race Track Road at Flora Branch Boulevard and State Road 13 (San Jose Boulevard).

Bartram Walk Shoppes

Located at the intersection of Race Track Road and State Road 13, Bartram Walk is home to a number of retail and dining establishments.

CDD and POA Governance

A Community Development District (CDD) is a special County taxing entity that provides funds for local infrastructure improvements and possibly recreational facilities. Julington Creek Plantation and River Oaks Plantation are part of the same CDD; however, some JCP communities that existed before the CDD was created voted not to pay the taxes, and therefore, are not included in CDD membership. (An owner in these neighborhoods is not considered a CDD member, and may not use the members-only recreational facilities unless an annual recreational fee is paid). So our CDD area contains most, but not all, of Julington Creek Plantation, and all of River Oaks Plantation. The CDD fee is assessed along with regular property taxes. The CDD has a Board of five Supervisors who own property in the CDD area. The CDD Board of Supervisors operates under the CDD Rules and Procedure documents and its Supervisors are considered public officials, subject to both Florida “sunshine” laws and Chapter 190, “Community Development Districts,” of Florida statute. Board Supervisors must be CDD members (meaning they must own property in a CDD neighborhood). They are elected by their fellow CDD members as part of annual County elections. Supervisors are compensated for attendance at their Board meetings. CDD Board meetings are the second Tuesday of each month and are open to the public.

The JCP Property Owners Association (JCP POA) consists of property owners in Julington Creek Plantation. (River Oaks Plantation property owners have their own ROP Association.) The JCP POA has legal status as a non-profit corporation.  It operates under Chapter 720, Homeowner Associations of Florida Statute, and the JCP Association Bylaws. It is responsible for overseeing community operations, maintenance of POA common property, and homeowner adherence to covenants, regulations, and deed restrictions.  The POA Board consists of seven Directors. Directors are property owners in good standing in JCP and are elected by their fellow POA members at the Association’s Annual Meeting. Directors who serve on the POA Board are not compensated. They are assisted by other property owners who volunteer to serve on committees such as Grounds, Financial Review, Safety, Covenants Enforcement Hearing, or Architectural Review. POA Board meetings are the second Wednesday of each month and are open to JCP property owners. Link to POA
Both Boards choose their Directors/Supervisors via elections. Elected Board members serve for two years. Approximately half the seats on each Board are open during any given election.  Any member in good standing may run for an open seat on one of the Boards.  There are no term limits.

CDD vs. POA: Who Does What?

Julington Creek Plantation has two organizations that are responsible for community planning and asset maintenance:

The Community Development District (CDD) and

The Property Owners Association (POA).

The CDD is responsible for the main recreational facilities and for the common grounds along Race Track Road and State Road 13 that border our community. The POA is responsible for the rest of the common areas and for promoting compliance with community covenants. Each organization has a Board composed of property owners elected by their peers to oversee these respective functions.

Residential Julington Creek Plantation

Julington Creek Plantation is home to a mix of residential uses and neighborhoods at various densities.

Julington Creek Plantation is located where Race Track Road intersects with State Road 13 in Northern St. Johns County.  Julington Creek Plantation is roughly a 30 minute drive south of downtown Jacksonville in light traffic conditions.

Article by Ennis Davis