Out with London, in with Burro

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Metro Jacksonville gets a sneak peek of the newly renovated Burro Bar, formerly the London Bridge spot. Ian Ranne and the boys of Burro Bags will debut their new bar Wednesday at May's Art Walk.

Burro Bar building at the corner of E. Adams and Ocean Streets in Downtown Jacksonville.

The folks behind the popular Burro Bags have teamed up with the folks behind the popular Shantytown Pub to create the Burro Bar, a convergence of Jacksonville’s creative and beer-loving communities in a single downtown space. Ian Ranne, Marianne Purcell and Matt Hume of Shantytown in Springfield and Lomax Lodge in Five Points joined with Jack Diablo and the rest of the crew at the Jacksonville messenger bag company to open a bar in the former London Bridge Pub location at 100 E. Adams St. The grand opening is scheduled to coincide with First Wednesday Artwalk on May 4, and the bar plans to be open seven days a week, with 20 beers flowing from the tap from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Jack let me in to snap a few photos of the bar in-progress last week. Note these are not of the "final product", and I expect the last minute dressings, tidying, and stockings (aka beer!) to really bring the establishment to life as intended. If you've been to the old London Bridge Pub, you'll see the ambience of the place has changed a hell of a lot.

Although the interior structure of the bar has not been altered, the decor has. The main bar room is branded with black and white graphic art - a patchwork of the wild west meets skull and crossbones - panned across the top half of all four walls and streaked in graffiti.

Seating area to be rearranged in the bar room, looking out the window on Ocean Street.

Through the bar room, the next room over has two pool tables.

Interior of the bathroom in the pool room, with a more colorful graffiti design.

The Music

Through to the third room, where live music will be.

The stage where bands will play.

Opening Night Line-up (in Jack's words himself)
7pm - Jeremiah
The frontman of Jacksonville indie-psych purveyors Wudun will open things off with a solo set of funeral-inspired music. Not really sure what to expect but knowing Jeremiah, it will change lives!

8pm - After the Bomb, Baby!
Synth punk weirdos ATBB! need no introduction. Be prepared for “the sexy” to be brought. Hard. If it’s too much for you, fear not, we have 28 beers on tap to prevent your loins from melting all over the carpet.

9pm - Opiate Eyes
Rising indue future-stars Opiate Eyes have just released a new EP called Dance 5 and it is amazing! Skinny Records represent!

10pm - Bad Dream
Brooklyn, NY psychedelic stoner-sludge masters will be melting unsuspecting faces right after the old folks leave to kick off the Art Walk Afterparty. Make sure you’re well prepared for this set. The Riverwalk is a nice, close location to get your head right

11pm - Shoppers
Female-fronted noise rock a la Sonic Youth and Dino Jr. All the way from Syracuse, NY and stoked to see what our soundsystem can handle!

12am - Honey Chamber
Infintesmal Records’ Honey Chamber return to the spotlight with a slightly new lineup. It’s like running into an old friend you haven’t seen in years!

1am - Chicken & Whiskey
We are going to be hella-wasted but those are always the best C&W shows anyway, right? School is OUT so stick around until we have to kick you out. The A/C works so it will only be a little sweaty.

Shows already lined up for the bar include:

Friday, May 6: Unstoppable Death Machines (from Brooklyn), The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt and more (noise rock).

Sunday, May 8: Capsule (from Miami), Warm Hands, No Humanity (heavy metal/hardcore).

Tuesday, May 24: The Subliminator (from Atlanta), Jiblit Dupree, Creep City, Glass Dog and more (experimental/avant-garde)

Sunday, June 5: Winterus (death metal from Michigan)

The Spirits
Burro Bar will serve wine and beer only.

The bar area and seating.

Now 28 beers on tap!

The new logo, created by AIGA Jacksonville President Varick Rosete.

Article and Photos by Sarah Gojekian