Changing the Urban Landscape in 2011

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Not much happened in 2010 as far as downtown is concerned. Looking forward to 2011, here are five projects that have the potential to stimulate additional life in downtown.

1. Laura Street Trio

If this project is successful, three of Jacksonville's most historical significant buildings could be preserved and become centralized economic anchors for a downtown in desparate need of one.

Laura Street Trio Renderings

2. Courthouse Green

With the new Duval County Courthouse building now up, how the JEDC moves handles the proposed adjacent blocks long public green will make or break LaVilla.

Duval County Courthouse Renderings

3. Baptist Medical Center/San Marco Streetscapes

A series of streetscapes and building projects, planned and already underway, promise to make the Southbank and North San Marco more walkable.

San Marco Boulevard Streetscape Renderings

Wolfson Children's Hospital /Adult Tower Renderings

Friendship Fountain Renderings

4. Park View Pavilion

Terrorizing the entrance of Springfield for over a decade, this site could become a vibrant community gateway by the end of 2011.

Park View Pavilion Renderings

5. A New Mayor

To truly change the face of downtown, a change in leadership is needed.  Fortunately, Jacksonville will get that opportunity in 2011.

Article by Ennis Davis