Kings Road Enhancement Project: Before & After

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Metro Jacksonville takes a look at the results of a $2.3 million JTA pedestrian improvement project at Edward Waters College.

DESCRIPTION: Provide signal upgrades, utility upgrades and pedestrian improvements along the corridor from Whitner Street to Spires Avenue.


Current Activity: CONSTRUCTION PHASE:  Lighting and new signalization is complete.  Landscaping is underway.

Funding: Federal SAFETEA-LU allocation of $1.43 million, and state funding allocation of $600,000.  

Schedule: Lighting, new signalization and landscaping are complete.  Awaiting manufacturing and shipment of new bus shelters.    

DBE/MBE: MBE participation will conform with JTA policy.

SIGNIFICANT ISSUES: Interface with JEA, AT&T and Comcast for utility relocation and upgrades along the corridor.
PROJECT MANAGER: Richard Schwabe

CONTACT: Wendy Morrow, (904) 598-8733 or


The images below were taken in early May 2010 and featured in Metro Jacksonville's Kings Road Pedestrian Enhancement Project Underway article.


These images capture the result of JTA's pedestrian improvement project.

Looking To The Future

Despite these improvements, what should be a "Main Street" atmosphere, Kings Road operates as an incompatible automobile oriented arterial, damaging the potential of the community it slices in half.

In the future, a jurisdictional transfer between FDOT and the City of Jacksonville should be explored to implement mobility improvements that positively impact bicycle and mass transit usage.  Heavy automobile traffic should be encouraged to use MLK Parkway.  With Edward Waters serving as a central anchor and decent building density along the corridor, Kings Road has the potential to become a vibrant walkable district for Jacksonville's Northside.

Update by Ennis Davis