A Look Inside The Maritime Heritage Center

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The Jacksonville Maritime Museum Society is a non-profit and educational association that collects books, documents, artifacts, and other historical objects significant to General Maritime History of Jacksonville and Florida's First Coast.

The Jacksonville Landing welcomes The Jacksonville Maritime Museum to its new location, located on the first floor of The Landing Mall.

Stop in and set sail into the maritime history of Jacksonville and admire artifacts from the 18th century to present-day.

With historical exhibits, children’s interactive and hands-on activities, audio/video center and a gift shop, everyone will find something to enjoy.

Ask us about hosting your group, school fieldtrips and displaying temporary exhibits from your local community group.
Admission is free – donations are appreciated.

We preserve their historical value and interpret their meaning to the public by means of museum displays, educational programs, lectures and publications.

The mission of the Jacksonville Maritime Museum Society is to preserve and interpret the maritime history of Jacksonville and the First Coast in order to foster among all residents and visitors a deeper appreciation of our maritime heritage.

The Jacksonville Maritime Heritage Center is open 11am to 5pm Tuesday - Friday and 1pm to 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

Images by Ennis Davis