Urban Parks: Fishweir Park

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Fishweir Park is an overlooked 10-acre public space in the Riverside/Avondale Historic District.

About Fishweir Park

Fishweir Park is located in the Avondale section of southwest Jacksonville, and takes it name from nearby Fishweir Creek. The property is part of Fehrenbach's Subdivision that was platted in 1882. The extension of the streetcar line to the area spurred residential growth leading to the development of the Fishweir Park and Stockton Place subdivisions about 1913 and the construction of nearby Fishweir Elementary School in 1917. The City obtained the land for the park in 1960 and 1961, and created the park in that decade.

Fishweir Park is located at 3925 Valencia Road in the Riverside/Avondale Historic District.

Photos by Ennis Davis