Cities that May Have New Streetcar Lines Within 2 Years

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It appears that streetcars are making a comeback and that Jacksonville may fall further behind its peers. The Community Streetcar Coalition held a summit earlier this year in Alexandria, Virginia where it brought together people working to get new streetcars running in 22 cities across the nation. Curious about which cities are on the move?

Cities that may be constructing streetcar lines within a year or two are below, as well as a few insights on and expectations for those most likely to be built.

Cities working on plans to create their first modern streetcar lines include:

Bold: A community smaller than Jacksonville

• Little Rock, Arkansas

• Los Angeles, California

• Sacramento, California

• Fort Lauderdale, Florida

• Atlanta, Georgia

• Boise, Idaho

• New Orleans, Louisiana

• Baltimore, Maryland

• Grand Rapids, Michigan

• Charlotte, North Carolina

• Cincinnati, Ohio

• Columbus, Ohio

• Lake Oswego, Oregon

• Providence, Rhode Island

• Dallas, Texas

• Fort Worth, Texas

• San Antonio, Texas

• Salt Lake City, Utah

• Arlington, Virginia

• Kenosha, Wisconsin

• Tucson, Arizona

• Washington, D.C.

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Article by Ennis Davis