Chicago Transit Partners With Apple

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Through a partnership between the Chicago Transit Authority and Apple, Inc., renovations at the North and Clybourn Red Line station have just been completed. CTA's agreement with Apple, which constructed a new Apple retail store on the adjacent property, provided $3.9 million to renovate the station inside and out.

The site is located at a former gas station and bus turnaround (shown above prior to construction) at the North and Clybourn CTA Red Line station in Chicago.

The North and Clybourn station headhouse before the renovations began in 2009.

The North and Clybourn station after being completely renovated inside and out with nearly $4 million in funds provided by Apple.

A plaza, with tables and chairs, a fountain, and free wifi was created between the Apple Store and the train station. Prior to these improvements, this property was used as a CTA bus turnaround.

The Apple Store and renovated train station open into the newly created plaza, providing a reason for people to be there on a regular basis.

The 18,000 square foot Apple retail store opened on October 23, 2010. The building has entrances facing the plaza, North Ave, and Clybourn Ave.

The store and renovated train station filled a pedestrian unfriendly gap in an otherwise walkable district.

This project serves as a great example of a public/private transit partnership which benefited both parties as well as the entire neighborhood.

Article by Daniel Herbin