2010 Planning and Zoning Awards

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The Florida Planning and Zoning Association recently honored several projects that will have a significant impact on the development of the First Coast over the next decade.

The Florida Planning and Zoning Association's awards cermony was held at Downtown Jacksonville's Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA Jax).

The following local projects and people were nominated for awards by the First Coast Chapter of the Florida Planning and Zoning Association.  

2010 Economic Development Award

Project: Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

Agency: Northeast Florida Regional Council

2010 Outstanding Public Development Award

Project: American Beach Community Center

Agency: Fleet & Associates Architects Planners, Inc. / Nassau County Board of County Commissioners

The American Beach Community Center in Nassau County.

The founding of American Beach came from the vision of Abraham Lincoln Lewis, who purchased 200 acres of land in Amelia Island in the 1930s to form a segregated African-American vacation spot. Lewis founded Afro-American Life Insurance Co. in Jacksonville and was Florida's first black millionaire.

Today, the property stands on about half its original acreage.

The communities on Amelia Island were without a county-owned community center, and American Beach was chosen as the location to build a center. Nassau County currently owns community centers in Callahan, Hilliard and Bryceville and two in Yulee.

Current plans for the center include leasing space for meetings, receptions and as a voting site for elections.

The center will also house a museum stocked with artifacts and works that tell the story of American Beach from its founding during segregation to the present. While the center is located in American Beach, it is available for use to all.
Full article: http://jacksonville.com/community/nassau/2010-04-01/story/new-community-center-opens-historic-american-beach-community

2010 Outstanding Public Study Award

Project: City of Jacksonville Mobility Study

Agency: City of Jacksonville Planning and Development Department / Ghyabi and Associates

The Mobility Plan and supporting 2030 Multimodal Transportation Study gives Jacksonville the opportunity to create a funding mechanism that integrates multimodal transportation planning with land use strategies to combat unsustainable sprawl.  For more information on the Mobility Plan and Multimodal Transportation Study:

2010 Outstanding Public Participation Award

Project: Vision Plans: Districts 1,2, and 3

Agency: City of Jacksonville Planning and Development Department / Zyscovich Architects

A vision of potential sustainable redevelopment in Arlington. (from the Arlington/Beaches Vision Plan).  

For more information on the Vision Plans:




Happy representatives of the City of Jacksonville Planning and Development Department.

2010 Master Planning of Land Areas Award

Project: Cecil Commerce Center Master Plan

Agency: Jacksonville Economic Development Commission

Cecil Commerce Center Master Plan.  For additional Cecil Commerce Center information visit http://www.coj.net/Departments/Jacksonville+Economic+Development+Commission/Business+Development/Cecil+Center/Cecil+Commerce+Center+Maps.htm

2010 Public Education Award

Project: William Bartram Scenic Highway Web Site

Agency: St. Johns County Planning / GOLD & Associates, Inc. / WBS&H - Scenic Highway, CMC

For more information visit www.bartramscenichighway.com

2010 Focus Award

Scott Clem

Scott Clem, accepting the 2010 Focus Award.

About the Florida Planning and Zoning Association

The official goals of the Florida Planning and Zoning Association are to:  

• Promote cooperation among official planning and zoning boards or commissions, civic bodies, citizens, technicians and students interested in planning and zoning in the State of Florida;

• Cultivate and stimulate interest in planning and zoning by local governments;

• Encourage the observance of sound planning and zoning practices;

• Furnish information, advice and assistance to its members and provide a medium for exchanging information, advice and assistance among them;

• Engage in research and issue publications on planning and zoning and related matters;

• Promote and encourage the sound development of land, water and natural resources and the elimination of air and water pollution; and

• Educate the public and elected and appointed officials in matters pertaining to planning and zoning.

For More Information: http://www.fpza.org/main/page_about_fpza_mission.html

Article by Ennis Davis