Kings Road Pedestrian Enhancement Project Underway

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A $2.3 million JTA project to improve the Kings Road corridor in the vicinity of Edward Waters College is now under construction.

DESCRIPTION: Provide signal upgrades, utility upgrades and pedestrian improvements along the corridor from Whitner Street to Spires Avenue.


Current Activity: CONSTRUCTION PHASE:  Construction contract awarded to Onas Corporation. Construction is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2010.  

Funding: Federal SAFETEA-LU allocation of $1.43 million, and state funding allocation of $600,000.  

Schedule: Construction is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2010, with completion in the fourth quarter of 2010.    

DBE/MBE: MBE participation will conform with JTA policy.

SIGNIFICANT ISSUES: Interface with JEA, AT&T and Comcast for utility relocation and upgrades along the corridor.

PROJECT MANAGER: Richard Schwabe

CONTACT: Wendy Morrow, (904) 598-8733

Taking Things One Step Further

With Edward Waters serving as a central anchor, Kings Road is an important commercial thoroughfare

When the time comes to resurface Kings Road, Metro Jacksonville encourages the city to work with FDOT to possibly implement a "Complete" streets solution that provides capacity and mobility for motorist, while also being safer and more comfortable for pedestrians, cyclists, and neighborhood residents.

With MLK Parkway already in position to serve as a through traffic bypass, this can be accomplished by reducing the number of vehicular lanes to accommodate bicycle lanes, parallel parking and additional landscaping, while also enhancing pedestrian safety.

This street in Center City Philadelphia is an example of going beyond the minimum to accommodate multiple modes of transportation in an urban setting.

Article by Ennis Davis