Urban Neighborhoods: Miramar

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Located off the beaten path just south of San Marco, Miramar is a neighborhood with a unique history and atmosphere of its own.

Hendricks Avenue

Named after Isaac Hendricks, the founder of the City of South Jacksonville, Hendricks Avenue serves as the commercial spine for Miramar.  Hendricks Avenue connects the community with San Marco to the north and Mandarin to the south.

Southside United Methodist Church

Since 1938, guest have continuously been served in this establishment.  In 1992, it became home to the Metro Diner, which is now one of Jacksonville's favorite local restaurants.

The Metro diner in San Marco is Folio Weekly readers' first choice for breakfast, whether they're craving a classic like steak and eggs or something more imaginative - like pound-cake French toast.  It's likely this duality - the combination of old-fashioned charm and modern creativity - that's won The Metro Diner this year's Best Breakfast award.

While the restaurant's traditional breakfast dishes are not to be overlooked, the menu's idiosyncrasies make The Metro Diner's specialty offerings hard to resist.  The original Breakfast Pie is a customer favorite, says Mark Davoli, chef and co-owner of the diner since 2000.  The pie consists of layers of eggs, cheese, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, and herbs in a red-sinned potato pie crust.  Also popular is the grilled breakfast burrito, a soft tortilla stuffed with eggs, black olives, onions, peppers, salsa, cheese and meat or black beans.

The crab cakes Benedict - like eggs Benedict, but with grilled crab cakes instead of bacon - is a hit with the restaurant's regular crowd.  And shrimp and grits is one of the diner's daily blackboard specials, as is the three-egg seafood omelette, the Tuscan and Mom's, made with chicken, asparagus, mushrooms, Swiss cheese and hollandaise sauce.  Add warm cornbread, and your meal is square.

For those who prefer something sweeter, the pound-cake French toast is an indulgence that will last you all day.  The Belgian waffles are among the fluffiest in town and The Metro Diner is pancake lover's dream.  Go for the 10-inch Challenge, an enormous pancake that can be stuffed with blueberries, banana, apple, granola, nuts, chocolate chips, even wheat germ.  Davoli recommends the banana-granola combination.  "You don't even need syrup," he says.

Davoli says The Metro Diner uses only the finest ingredients for his dishes, despite the fact that this policy eats into profits.  "I'd rather make a little less money and make the customer happy," he says, And thanks to his Pittsburgh upbringing, his portions aren't dainty.  As Davoli puts it:  "You never leave hungry."
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Hendricks Elementary School

Hendricks Avenue Elementary School, located in Jacksonville, Florida, serves grades K-5 in the Duval County Public Schools district. It is among the few public elementary schools in Florida to receive a distinguished GreatSchools Rating of 10 out of 10.

Hendricks Avenue Elementary School has approximately 22-acres of land available for active public recreational use. The school is located between San Jose Boulevard and Hendricks Avenue just south of Inwood Terrace. The site is characterized by open grassed play areas with mature oaks and pines scattered throughout. The existing recreational facilities include a basketball court, softball field, baseball field, play equipment, swings and climbers.

Miramar is located along the St. Johns River, where Emerson Street meets Hendricks Avenue, in Jacksonville's Southside.

Photographs by Daniel Herbin and Ennis Davis

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