Urban Neighborhoods: Miramar

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Located off the beaten path just south of San Marco, Miramar is a neighborhood with a unique history and atmosphere of its own.

Kelnepa Houses

Lumber dealer Thomas M. Keller and his wife Ella Canipa Keller combined their surnames to coin the name "Kelnepa," which they gave to this block long subdivision.  Kelnepa was typical of many of the 1920's Florida land boom developments, born of speculation and left unfinished when the real estate bubble burst in 1927.  The Kellers employed Victor Zambetti, a contractor who owned the Art and Ornamental Stone Company, to handle the construction in Kelnepa.  The houses are highly unusual in their use of concrete blocks in conjunction with the Mediterranean Revival style.
Source: Jacksonville's Architectural Heritage, page 259

Residential Miramar

Architectural diversity a special characteristic of Miramar. Mirarmar's residential portfolio contains a diverse and interesting mix of traditional and modern architecture placed side by side.  If the community were a historic district, this architectural creative scene would not exist.

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