Urban Neighborhoods: Miramar

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Located off the beaten path just south of San Marco, Miramar is a neighborhood with a unique history and atmosphere of its own.


Originally located just outside the City of South Jacksonville, the subdivision of Granada opened in early 1926. Despite its fully paved roads and ornamental street lights, due to the Florida real estate bubble bust, Granada remained largely vacant until the end of the Great Depression.

Granada Park sits west of San Jose Boulevard, in the heart of the Granada subdivision. When Howard Properties platted the property in 1925, it dedicated the .4-acre park to Duval County. Granada displays the Spanish theme and Mediterranean architecture that were very popular in Jacksonville during the 1920's. The rectangular park lies in the middle of Granada Boulevard. Granada is a city in Spain, noted as a capital for the Moors, who invaded and ruled much of Spain from the 8th through 15th centuries. Landscaping projects in 2002 and 2003 have beautified Granada Park. It displays a well-kept playground, green expanse of open lawn, flowerbeds, several shade trees, and a scattering of benches.

Exhibiting the Spanish flair which typified Granada, this was the second home completed in the subdivision in 1926.  The multilevel tile roof is pierced by a scrolled parapet at the center of the second story, adding interest and variety to the facade.  Symmetrically arranged arches flank the porch, which is decorated with ceramic tile.  The house was constructed with an enclosed patio and pool at the rear.  It was originally occupied by Lawrence Howard, the principal developer of Granada.
Source: Jacksonville's Architectural Heritage, Page 258

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