Suburban Jacksonville: Venetia

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Metro Jacksonville takes a look at a neighborhood that was once in the path of a proposed river crossing that would have connected Timuquana Road with Bulter Boulevard: Venetia.

About Venetia

Named for the Venetia region in northeast Italy, this Westside neighborhood's development began in 1925 by a company headed by Dr. Raymond Turck, who was chief surgeon at St. Luke's Hospital from 1910-1916. The development of Venetia Manor (Venetia, south of Timuquana Rd.), began in 1951. Most of the neighborhood streets have Italian names such as Garibaldi Avenue, after the Italian nationalist.

Timuquana Country Club

A view of downtown Jacksonville from the Timuquana Country Club

On May 25, 1921, a group of 50 prominent Jacksonville men met downtown at the Seminole Club to consider the organization of a new country club in Jacksonville, which would be primarily concerned with maintaining outstanding golfing facilities for its members. The charter members accepted the suggestion of Lorenzo A. Wilson to adopt the name "Timuquana," a variation of the name of the Native American Timucuan tribe, which formerly made its home on the banks of the St. Johns River near the site selected for the new Club. The formal organization was completed, under the guidance of William H. Rogers, when the charter was approved on February 12, 1923. By May of that year, there were 185 charter members, and John L. Roe was elected the First President of Timuquana Country Club.
Full club history:

Timuquana Manor

Timuquana Manor, just east of Roosevelt Boulevard, was platted in 1942, mostly to provide housing for personnel at the nearby Jacksonville Naval Air Station. The name Timuquana derives from the native Indians, the Timuquas, who were living in the area when the first Europeans arrived in the sixteenth century.

Venetia is located where Timuquana Road intersects with Roosevelt Boulevard on Jacksonville's westside.

Article by Ennis Davis