Suburban Jacksonville: Confederate Point

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Built in the 1960s on reclaimed lowlands, Confederate Point is technically a small island surrounded by a moat, with one small bridge as access.

About Confederate Point

Confederate Point lies along the Cedar River (called Cedar Creek by the locals), on the opposite shore from Lake Shore. Confederate Point stretches from the Ortega River to the east, to Blanding Boulevard on the West, and is bordered by the Cedar River to the North, and Timaquana Boulevard to the South. The area consists of approximately 300 large, single family homes, and approximately 700 condos and apartments that line the south bank of the Cedar River. All of the single family homes are inland, with the apartments and condos lining the shore of the Cedar River. The area is popular given that it is close to water, and Downtown, yet also exclusive in that there is only one road in or out.,_Florida#Confederate_Point

Photos by Ennis Davis