Downtown Bus Rapid Transit Project Moving Forward

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As JTA moves forward with implementing Bus Rapid Transit in downtown, Metro Jacksonville takes a look at the proposed shelter designs.

About the Downtown Bus Rapid Transit Project

The Downtown BRT plan does not include extending BRT into the heart of the Northbank as originally proposed by JTA and then opposed by Metro Jacksonville.

Estimated Capital Costs: $12 million

Estimated Construction Start Date: 2011

Estimated Completion Date: 2012

Funding: Nearly 80% of the project is being funded by the Federal Transit Administration's "Small Starts" program

Duplication: Except for Jefferson and Broad Streets, the Downtown BRT parallels the struggling Skyway, meaning they will compete for riders.

Proposed BRT Bus Shelter Design Style

The bus shelter designs below are anticipated to be installed for the Downtown BRT stop locations.

Slimline Option

Design Neutral Option IIB

Design Neutral Option IIIA

Design Neutral Option IIIB

Proposed bus shelter designs are similar to this Citrus Connection shelter in Lakeland, FL.

Development Update by Ennis Davis