CSX Headquarters to get New Signage

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CSX is seeking final approval to add the new CSX corporate brand logo to Jacksonville's skyline. The proposed design has been developed in conjunction with CSX and their architect to ensure both aesthetic and structural compatibility with the 16-story CSX headquarters, which will be celebrating the building's 50th Anniversary in September of this year.

Project General Information

DDRB Application 2010-014, CSX Transportation Building is a request for a special sign exception for their building located at 500 Water Street.  The CSX Building has a history of building sign identification dating back to the 1960's with a building identification sign of approximately 1,660 square feet per street frontage, and during the 1980's, an identification sign of approximately 1,824 square feet per street frontage.  It is noted that the previous signs were in excess of the presently allowed 400 square feet per building elevation with street frontage.  The building facade area with street frontage is approximately 76,939 square feet.

The applicant is requesting to replace two existing building identification signs with two new signs.  They are requesting to increase the sign area from the allowed 400 square feet per street frontage to approximately 1,201 square feet per sign, equal to approximately 1.5% of the building elevation area.  The signs exceed the allowed 400 square foot area per building elevation with street frontage.  It is important to note that the new signs will represent a net reduction in energy consumption of approximately 85% by using LED technology.

DDRB staff recommends that the Board approve Application, 2010-014, CSX Transportation Building request for a special sign exception.

Source: DDRB July 2010 Agenda

Over the past five decades this building has served as a Jacksonville landmark.  The goal of the proposed sign design is continue this tradition in a way that will provide the City of Jacksonville with a positive visual statement to the city's skyline.

The existing architectural lighting is used to floodlight the entire penthouse.  This proposal will adapt this lighting to focus on the lower section of the penthouse to create a visual rail of light for the CSX boxcar on which to ride.  This project is anticipated to be completed by September 16, 2010.

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Headquarters under construction.

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad's 1960s signage covered approximately 1,660 square feet of ID Signage.

During the 1980s, the signage area covered approximately 1,824 square feet.

Development Update by Ennis Davis

Source: DDRB July 2010 Agenda