2030 Mobility Plan: Bicycle Network

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As Jacksonville bristles over the city's recent "worst" rank for bicycling, the 2030 Multimodal Transportation Plan intends to dramatically improve the local bicycle network.

Bicycling in Jacksonville Today

A national cycling publication has named Jacksonville as one of the three worst biking cities in America.

Jacksonville, Birmingham, Ala., and Memphis, Tenn., are the worst U.S. cities over 100,000 population, according to the May issue of Bicycling magazine, which ranks the top and bottom cycling cities in America every year.

All three of the worst cities have suffered from suburban sprawl and don't have enough bike lanes. Efforts to improve cycling have also been ineffective, said Loren Mooney, Bicycling's editor-in-chief.

Jacksonville's Existing Bicycle Network

This map of the city's current bicycle facilities illustrates a body full of unconnected parts which prohibit the use of cycling as a viable transportation option for most of the city's residents.

Existing (2008-2009) Conditions - Level of Service (LOS) for Bicycle Mode

The Mobility Transportation Study's LOS analysis for bicycle mode indicates that poor or failing conditions for cycling exists on the majority of the city's Functional Highway Classification System roadways.

Existing Network & Committed Projects - Bicycle Mode

This graphic illustrates the existing bicycle network (GREY) and already proposed roadway projects that will include bicycle facilities (BLUE).

Projected 2030 Conditions - Level of Service (LOS) for Bicycle Mode

This graphic indicates future bicycle mode travel conditions on the Functional Highway Classification System roadways throughtout the city, if current development patterns and growth trends continue.  The majority of failing conditions exist in urban core communities such as Riverside/Avondale, Murray Hill, San Marco, Downtown and Northwest Jacksonville.

2030 Multimodal Study Transportation Plan Improvements - Bicycle Mode

This graphic illustrates proposed 2030 Multimodal Transportation Plan Bicycle Mode Improvements being prioritized into three categories.

RED: Phase 1 - City of Jacksonville Bicycle Master Plan

These are short term projects intended to link existing bicycle facilities in an effort to create a truly linked bicycle network throughout the city.

ORANGE: Tier 2 - 2030 Multimodal Plan

These projects are intended to better link the bicycle network with urban neighborhoods, future transit corridors and station sites.

GREEN: Tier 3 - 2030 Multimodal Plan

This tier represents long term projects that could potentially parallel proposed mass transit corridors.

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