Urban Design 101: Building Facades

September 8, 2009 12 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article

The City of Los Angeles' Urban Design Studio illustrates ways to use the design of visible building facades to create/reinforce neighborhood identity and richer pedestrian environments. Is Jacksonville paying attention?

To encourage citywide walkability, Los Angeles requires building projects to conform to a walkability checklist.  In this installment, the issue of good building facade design is explored in visual detail.


In Los Angeles, these recently constructed Jacksonville projects would have been forced to revise their plans before being given final permitting approval.

Family Dollar - New Springfield

Community Connections - Downtown

While walkable projects are few and far between, Meeks, Ross, Selander and Associates is an example of a local project that would pass the walkability checklist.

For more info: Adaptive Reuse: Meeks, Ross, Selander & Associates

Perhaps its time for Jacksonville to incorporate a few of these guidelines into its architectural landscape?

Article by Ennis Davis