Renovations Coming to Friendship Fountain

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After several years of a future of uncertainty, a plan for the revitalization of Friendship Fountain appears to be moving forward.

General Information

Applicant is proposing alteration and maintenance improvements to both the site and fountain pump house.  No alterations to the fountain are proposed; however, maintenance improvements are proposed. The improvements will support the Downtown Master Plan goals and objectives, and is one of the nineteen initiatives of the Downtown Action Plan. Friendship Fountain Park is an existing recreational facility with a prime location on the St. Johns River.  The proposed improvements provide for alterations to the hardscape, landscape and pump house. The alterations include the removal of existing paved areas and provide new landscaping, decorative sidewalks, benches and lighting.  Proposed maintenance improvements to the existing fountain include plumbing, water jets, lighting, controller systems, etc.

Application 2009-019 Frienship Park has been recommended for conceptual approval by Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB) staff.

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