Urban Parks: Main Street Pocket Park

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The Main Street Pocket Park was completed in mid 2007 as a part of a plan to expand greenspace in the downtown core. It was envisioned by City Hall that, due to its proximity to the Main Library, it would become a popular place for library users and residents looking for greenspace in a sea of concrete.

It was also touted as the catalyst that would create nearby infill redevelopment.

The Main Street Pocket Park is located on Main Street between the Main Library and the Salvation Army.

While this space is attractive to drive by, it has not had any major impact on the spaces and land uses surrounding it.  It is believed by Metro Jacksonville that the Main Street Pocket Park represents a prime example of how not to design a public green space in an urban area.  In 2007, Metro Jacksonville suggested several ideas that could be implemented in this space to attract more utilization out of this $700,000 public investment.

Main Street Pocket Park Timeline:

December 2006
MetroJacksonville.com asks Mayor Peyton to re-think Main St Beautification Project

March 2007
Greening of Main: A failure in the making?

October 2007
Peytons Pocket Park Disaster

December 2007
Salvaging the Main Street Pocket Park

Photographs by Ennis Davis