Urban Parks: Metropolitan Park

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Metropolitan Park is the centerpiece of Mayor Peyton's plan to add flex green space and revitalize the urban riverfront.

About Metropolitan Park

Metropolitan Park is a 23-acre waterfront park that is located on what used to be an urban landfill, supported by a concrete bulkhead. The land was purchased by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for $1, 005,000 in May 1972. The beginning of this park started in 1982, with the first groundbreaking. The cost of this project was $3.1 million dollars. The ground breaking was delivered by than Mayor Jake M. Godbold and than Governor Bob Graham, on December 8, 1982. The project was underwritten by the City of Jacksonville, U.S. Department of the Interior, State of Florida Department of Natural Resources, and the television station WJCT –TV (local public broadcasting system).

The entire park project is planned to be completed in different phases. The first phase included an exhibition mall for arts and crafts shows, a family picnic area, playground areas, and the focal point of the park – the Performance Pavilion. This park was plan to be a multi-purpose park for family enjoyment that would include performances, concerts, plays, talent shows, and other group gatherings. On May 10, 1990, there was another ground breaking for the new entrance to Metropolitan Park. Mayor Tommy Hazouri presided over this event. At that time, the park underwent a $1,079,000 construction project that included paved walkways, lighting, landscaping, parking, and playground areas. Metropolitan Park was the winner of the 1986 Governor’s Design Award. The Florida National Pavilion, located in Metropolitan Park, is the home for the Jacksonville Music Festival and the former location of the Jacksonville jazz Festival.


Images by Ennis Davis