Rail or More Roads in Jacksonville's Future?

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The North Florida TPO wants to know how will you invest in transportation for the future? Should it be more roads, rail, or a logical mix of both?

Some transportation problems have more than one solution, with pros and cons to each. It all depends or your priorities and preferences.

After all, you are not only a potential user of transportation infrastructure and services, you are an investor. Income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes and user fees are all sources of transportation funding at some level.

How the Draft Potential Needs Plan Was Developed

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2035 Potential Needs Plan - Transit Projects

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2035 Potential Needs Plan - Road Projects

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2035 Potential Needs Plan Project List

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Transportation Madness

So will it be rail or more roads and sprawl in Jacksonville's future?  During a recent survey, the TPO asked the local community to pick the types of transportation improvements they prefer and the top ranked choice was commuter rail, followed by "urban rail" (streetcar/light rail). Jacksonville continues to speak, will leaders listen?

Want Rail? Go to a Community Meeting!

This round of public meetings will be an Open House format where you can stop by any time from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. to discuss the proposed projects with staff, ask questions and submit comments.


Nassau County
Monday, August 17
Nassau County Commission
96135 Nassau Place

Northwest St. Johns County
Tuesday, August 18
Bartram Trail Branch Library
60 Davis Pond Boulevard

St. Augustine
Monday, August 24
St. Johns County Main Library
1960 North Ponce de Leon Boulevard

Downtown Jacksonville
Tuesday, August 25
Main Library
303 North Laura Street

Clay County
Wednesday, August 26
Fleming Island High School
Teacher Training Center
2233 Village Square Parkway

Southeast Duval County
Thursday, August 27
Southeast Regional Library
10599 Deerwood Park Boulevard

For more information visit: http://www.northfloridatpo.com/envision2035/participate/