Jacksonville Beach: Summer of '09

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A look at one of Jacksonville's most vibrant areas for entertainment, people watching, cycling and walkability; Jacksonville Beach

Urban Makeover: 3rd Street

3rd Street is a corridor that historically has been known for automobile oriented commercial sprawl.  Currently, there is an FDOT project underway that will help reduce hostile pedestrian conditions.  Scheduled to be completed in late 2009, this 2.4 mile resurfacing and traffic signal work project stretching from the St. Johns County line to 9th Avenue, will also include wider sidewalks and landscaping.  If successful, stronger pedestrian connections from the oceanfront to the west side of 3rd Street will encourage more pedestrian friendly development along this corridor.

Photographs by Ennis Davis and Daniel Herbin.

Historic Photographs from the State Archives of Florida: http://www.floridamemory.com/PhotographicCollection/

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