Urban Parks: Confederate Park

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Separating Springfield from Downtown, this nine acre park was once the epicenter of Jacksonville's cultural scene.

Confederate Park History

Confederate Park is located near downtown, in the Springfield area of north Jacksonville. First named Dignan Park, for a chairman of the Board of Public Works, it opened in 1907 and contained the City’s first supervised playground. The United Confederate Veterans chose Jacksonville as the site for their annual reunion in 1914, and the park as the site for a monument honoring the Women of the Southland. Five months after the reunion of an estimated 8,000 former Confederate soldiers, the City renamed the park, and the monument was erected the next year. During the early decades, citizens came from all over Jacksonville to attend cultural events at the park or to see the beautiful Rose Arbor. Visitors strolled along the lovely Hogans Creek Promenade that opened in 1930, and in more recent years attend events sponsored by the Springfield Improvement Association & Woman’s Club.



Historic Images and Postcards of Confederate Park


Confederate Park Today

The Monument to Women of the Confederacy was completed in 1915.  It was commissioned by the Florida Division-United Confederate Veterans "in memory of the women of the Southland."

This 1930 memorial to poet Robert Burns, is located near the corner of Main and Phelps Streets.




Confederate Playground

Confederate Playground is located just east of Confederate Park.  Originally a part of Confederate Park, this area was used by the nearby Armory for drill grounds and tent/nut encampments during both World Wars.  The playground was permanently established as a separate facility during the 1950s. Today, it has been converted into a dog park for the pets of urban core residents.


Images by Ennis Davis