JEA's Greenland Energy Center coming to the Southside

July 9, 2008 51 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article

Renderings of JEA's Greenland Energy Center, a proposed $600 million natural gas plant.

The proposed 159 acre Greenland Energy Center site is just south and west of the State road 9A/proposed 9B corridor.

Greenland Energy Center (GEC), as proposed, will be built in two phases. The initial phase will be the construction of two natural gas-fired simple cycle combustion turbine units (CT1 and CT2).  Although not as environmental friendly as solar or wind power, natural gas burns cleaner than coal, producing about half the carbon dioxide.

Construction is estimated to begin in 2009 with the plant being operational June 2010.

The second phase will convert these simple cycle units to a combined cycle combustion turbine. Heat recovery equipment will be installed on the two simple cycle combustion turbines to capture enough heat energy to run a steam turbine (ST3). This phase is proposed to be operational in 2012 or 2013.  Upon completion of the GEC, the generating station will be capable of producing 553 megawatts of power.