Downtown's New Gateway: The Big "I"

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A look at Jacksonville's Big "I". The I-95 / I-10 interchange reconstruction project.

The junction of Interstate 10 and Interstate 95 was originally constructed in the 1950’s as part of a cross town expressway system built by the Jacksonville Expressway Authority. It stretched from south of downtown Jacksonville, across the St. Johns River on the Fuller Warren Bridge, and north to Beaver Street. The expressway also stretched west to Lane Avenue and what would later become I-10. At Myrtle Avenue, a large arch truss structure was built to span the old Jacksonville Terminal Company railyard.

In the 1960’s, when the Interstate system connected to the expressway north, south, and west of town, the expressway junction became the I-10/ I-95 Interchange.


Construction Diagrams


Progress Photos from


 The Numbers:

Construction cost: $148 million

Contract Duration: 2034 Days (approximately 6 years)

Number of Bridges to be Constructed: 17

Number of Lane Miles to be Constructed: Approximately 25 miles

Estimated Completion Date: 2011