Ten Reasons to Save Fire Station Five

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History is the conscience of our society. Those who fail to understand the past are condemned to repeat its errors. Fire Station No. 5 has been an intergal part of our community since 1910, but now it is on the chopping block for another parking lot. Here are 10 reasons why it should remain right where it is!

1. Fire Station No. 5 is the last remaining historic building on Riverside Avenue in Brooklyn.  In fact, the recent Riverside Avenue reconstruction project was designed to preserve the building.

2. Historic buildings can not be replaced. We have neither the money or the skills to recreate the historic houses and buildings that are already here.

3. Fire Station No. 5 has a character and scale that modern buildings often lack. Architects in the late 20th century abandoned the traditions of building and often created sterile, unpleasant boxes. Buildings, such as the fire station, predate the car and have details you can appreciate as you walk by. Historic buildings have a scale that is comfortable for people on foot rather than people in cars.

Riverside Avenue Fire Station Number 5

The Station may not be the Taj Mahal, but it is definitely a unique part of our ever disappearing historic architectural and cultural heritage. 

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