Downtown Trolley Bus coming to Five Points

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Beginning in January 2008, JTA will connect Downtown to Five Points, via the Downtown trolley bus. Here are the proposed routes, both interim and long term.


If everything works out for the best, eventually, the trolley will serve Park Street as well.  However, that won't happen until some of the Brooklyn developments rise. 


Interim Option 2 is the route that will start up in January.  Before this thing is up and running, let's make sure it directly ties into the Landing (right now it only reaches CSX's headquarters), instead of making the potential lunch crowd walk an extra block.  Doing so would increase ridership from the start by directly tying the system at both ends with quality destinations.


Design concept for Riverside Avenue trolley stop at 200 Riverside.


Trolley routes when new Skyway station opens 

Once Brooklyn Park rises, JTA will construct a new skyway station to serve the area.  When this happens, the interim route will be replaced with one of the following three options below.

Conceptual Brooklyn skyway station sketches






Trolley on Park Street

If Option 1 is chosen, Park Street would then be also served by the trolley bus.   In the event that this happens, Park Street would be converted into a two lane road with trolley bus stops and limited parallel parking.


A conceptual sketch of a Park Street trolley bus stop.


A potential Park Street stop in plan.


Is trolley expansion good or bad?

So how do you feel about this trolley expansion plan?  Would you ride it?  If not, what would it take for you to consider using JTA's downtown trolley system as a way to get around the inner core?