Acclaimed Artist Noli Novak Looking for Downtown Digs

July 2, 2007 10 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article

Famed Wall Street Journal Artist, Noli Novak is looking for a downtown space to convert into a work live headquarters.The primary creator of the stippled portraits of the distinguished Journal has been a resident of downtown for a few months now at the Metropolitan, and can be seen on many mornings walking around in search of something to do downtown besides Starbucks.

She is presently in negotiations for a dilapidated building with an extremely colorful history in order to transform it into a live work studio for both her familiar stipple portraits and her husbands printmaking business.Such a resident would be quite a coup for the city both in terms of its arts scene and just because it would be awesome to have such a lovely and cool set of neighbors in the urban core.What would it be worth to have an artist of such national familiarity based here?And how hard would someone at city hall work to help make this a reality?If you guessed very little to nothing on the last question, you would be sadly correct.I suppose we could always just cross our fingers.Seriously people. For a glimpse of her work, check out