Real Planning Director Candidates

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While the cronyism (yes, it's a strong word, but let's have a contest - can you think of a more accurate one?) of this administration continues, we thought we would help out whomever will be tasked with finding a Planning Director once the mayor's political annointee - Brad Thoburn – is rejected by our integrity-filled City Council. To whomever you are out there, here is a free leads list… please note that it consists of only a few contacts in the southeast. You are on your own to do the work for the other major cities across the U.S. (and please do it this time, even if Peyton tells you not to).Rebecca Salter was the individual in Human Resources for the City of Jacksonville that directed the failed, pseudo national search for a new Planning Director. In an apparent reward for her high level of service, our mayor has given her a promotion to the Director of Human Resources (see: Thoburn to Lead Planning Department ( ).

Mark Huey, Administrator of Economic & Urban Development - 813-274-8091

Dean Grandin, Planning Director - 407-246-2269

Fort Lauderdale
Marc LaFerrier, Planning & Zoning Department Director - 954-828-8980

Ana Gelabert-Sanchez, Director - 305-416-1403  
Carmen Sanchez, Assistant Director - 305-416-1417

Alice Wakefield, Director
Flor Velarde, Assistant Director
Charletta Wilson Jacks, Assistant Director - 404-330-6145


Lawrence, Jeff Assistant Executive Director - Operations - 615-862-7172
Hammond, Ann Assistant Executive Director - Planning - 615-862-7174
Bernhardt, Rick Executive Director - 615-862-7173


Debra Campbell, Planning Director - 704-336-2671

Wanda Martin, Deputy Director - 901-576-6610

Jim Gildea, Assistant Director - 757-664-4770

William Gilchrist, Director - 205-254-2336

Mitchell Silver, Director - 919-516-2626
Ken Bowers, Assistant Director - 919-516-2633