Downtown Construction Update - February 2007

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One-12 (formerly the Barnett Building)


New windows have been installed in One-12

20 West.  After two years of delay, there's progress finally being made.

This small white building at 11 Ocean Street, will soon become the home of downtown's newest nightspot, the Dragonfly Lounge and Saloon. 

The Shipyards site with The Peninsula rising in the background.

Cranes from both the Shipyards and Berkman 2 construction sites.

Berkman Plaza 2 is now going vertical.

New sidewalks are being installed in front of San Marco Place.

The finishing touches are being put on the Strand, while the Peninsula takes shape.

Riverplace Tower, The Strand, and The Peninsula.

San Marco Place

The Peninsula - 15 Floors up, 22 more to go.

Everbank Plaza dominates the historic fire house on Riverside Avenue.

The Chelsea Lofts, taking shape in Five Points.

Site clearing underway on Prado Walk across from St. Vincents.

Putting the finishing touches on 1661 Riverside