Jacksonville Beach Photo Tour

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Jacksonville Beach is under going a transformation that will eventually turn the community into an urban core for the beach communities.


1. A skyline rising along the oceanfront

2. This renovated park, in the core of the beaches, serves as the backdrop for many festivals and special events.

3. Freebird Live is considering moving to a strip center on Atlantic Blvd. MetroJacksonville has suggested that they consider a downtown location as an alternative. The Metropolitan (In the background), is the first major mixed-use project to rise in the area.

4. Unlike most of the region, the beaches are a pedestrian friendly area. Although this picture was taken on an early Saturday morning, the Seawalk (lined with retail, bars and restaurants) is normally filled with people.

5. With the 35' height restriction in place, development is now ocurring away from the oceanfront. Pier Point (shown above), when complete, will include street level retail.

6. Costa Verano is now the tallest building in Jacksonville Beach

7. Ocean Villas towers above an area that was once full of single family homes.

8. Condo towers spring up along North First Street.

9. The Acquilus condo towers I & II, in the background. Acquilus III is now under construction on the site that once housed the popular First Street Grill.

10. Jacksonville Beach Pier. It would have been nice to see the Fuller Warren converted into a pier for downtown.


Located where Atlantic Blvd meets the ocean, Town Center serves as the pedestrian freindly core for the cities of Atlantic and Neptune Beach.

11. Ragtime Tavern

12. Sun Dog Steaks & Seafood.

13. Shelby's Coffee on First Street. Shelby's will be opening a location at the downtown library in the next few months.

14. Condos rise in Atlantic Beach

15. First Street, just south of Atlantic Blvd.

16. Atlantic Blvd just west of First Street.

17. This former auto repair shop has been renovated into an Al's Pizza.