Historic Five Points: Jacksonville's Bohemian District

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In modern usage, a bohemian can describe any person who lives an unconventional artistic life, where self-expression is the highest value ? that art (acting, poetry, writing, singing, dancing, painting etc) is a serious and main focus of their life. The term was applied particularly to the poets and writers of Carmel-By-The-Sea and the Bloomsbury Group in the first half of the 20th century, and, early in the 21st century, to a style of female fashion ( boho-chic ). Today Metro Jacksonville showcases Historic Five Points.

1A. FUEL COFFEEHOUSE - Opened in 1999, Fuel remains the largest local coffeehouse in the city.


1B. PARK ARCADE BUILDING - This building is made up of seven storefronts, with a central arcade dominated by three arches.


1C. FIVE POINTS - Looking north at historic retail district along Park Street


1D. The Five Points District will well known for its funky business establishments that also incorporate a mix of interesting facade colors and unique signage.


1E. FIVE POINTS THEATER - This theater is reported to have been the home for the 1972 run of "The Godfather" that had the longest run of any theater in the country.  Housing popular Club 5 in recent years, new ownership has converted the structure into a building with street level retail with offices above.


2. This mural is located Lomax Street


2A. LOMAX STREET - The block of Lomax, between Park and Oak Streets is also loading with restaurants and local retail outlets.


3. 2 SISTERS CAFE - 2 Sisters is a small mom & pop operation that serves pretty good food.  The Sake House Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar recently opened next door.


4. DONA MARIA RESTAURANT - This restaurant adds to the excitement and flavor of the district by including a large outdoor dining patio and bar.

5. MOSSFIRE GRILL - The Moss Fire Grill is a popular eatery in the Five Points District.  The name comes from the moss fire that started the Great Fire of 1901.  Featuring a open roof deck, the restaurant was recently named one of Jacksonville's top 25 by Jacksonville Magazine.


6. THE CHELSEA LOFTS - This infill condo project recently broke ground on the corner of Goodwin and Herschel Streets.


7. AL'S PIZZA - This popular local pizza chain is located on the corner of Oak and Margaret Streets, in a recently constructed specialty retail building lining Oak Street.

8. 1661 RIVERSIDE - Five Points is in the process of gentrification.  The largest example of this is a project called 1661 Riverside.  When complete, the complex will house street level retail shops and 90 condo units above.


9. Riverside Square is home to a 30,000 sf Publix grocery market.

10. RIVERSIDE SQUARE - This shopping center is the first modern retail center in the city to incorporate and urban design layout, as opposed to the typical suburban ones we've grown used to.  Shops lining the street in a pedestrian friendly manor, as opposed to a large surface parking lot.  Today the center is 100% leased.


11. PARK LANE APARTMENTS - This 16 story condo tower was the first highrise constructed in town, outside of downtown.  Completed in 1926, its also the first tall building in town to incorporate "setback" construction, creating open terraces and sun parlors.

12. MEMORIAL PARK - At the urging of Mrs. Arthur Cummer, the Olmstead Brothers, sons of noted landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead, were commissioned to design this park in the early 1920s.  The park is dominated by this large central space, shown here.


13. WINGED VICTORY - This statue is the focal point of Memorial Park.  Created by Florida sculptor C. Adrian Pillars, the bronze sculpture caused a bit of controversy among local residents with the "winged figure of youth" rising victoriously above the "mad maelstrom of earthly passions.

14. The riverfront is dominated by a pedestrian promenade.  The promenade is a popular place for locals to fish.  If the day comes when the Northbank riverwalk is extended to Five Points, it will terminate at this location. 




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