Downtown Housing Photo Tour - August 2006

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The Laura Trio is one of several downtown residential projects currently under construction.

While residential growth in downtown could be better with visionary leadership,  sometimes we forget about the projects already underway. As of August 1, 2006,  there are around 1,150 residential units currently under construction in  downtown. Out of that, 480 are underway on the Northbank, primarily along the  Laura Street corridor.

1. The Peninsula

Developer: American Land Ventures

Description: 37 story, 234 unit condominium tower/ground floor retail.

Once  complete, it will be the tallest residential tower in downtown, until the St.  John rises next year. Fall 2007 estimated completion date.

Location: Northside of Riverplace Blvd., just west of Charthouse Restaurant  parking lot.

2. The Strand

Developer: American Land Ventures

Description: 28 story, 295-unit condominium tower. Originally planned as  apartments. However due to strong sales at the Peninsula a recent decision was  made to convert project into condos.

Expected completion: Late 2006

Location: Northside of Riverplace Blvd., just east of Riverplace Tower –  Southbank

3. Berkman Plaza II

Developer: DB Holdings

Description: 23 story, 222-unit condominium tower. Tower will be a nearly  identical structure as Berkman Phase I. Prices start at $170k and changes have  been made to make project more pedestrian friendly along Bay Street.

Location: corner of Bay & Catherine Streets – Northbank.

4. San Marco Place

Developer: Chase Properties

Description: 21 story, 141 unit condominium tower with 6,500sf of ground floor  retail. Late 2006 estimated completion date.

Location: 1300 Riverplace Blvd (adjacent to Morton’s Steakhouse & Skyway).  Southbank.

5. The Barnett

Developer: Cameron Kuhn

Description: Redevelopment of the former 18 story Barnett Bank Headquarters  Building into +100 live/work lofts and first floor office condos. Project  estimated to cost $16 million.

Location: 112 W Adams Street (corner of Adams & Laura). Northbank.

6. Laura Trio

Developer: Police and Fire Pension Fund

Description: Restoration of Florida Life, Bisbee and Marble Bank Buildings into  22 lofts, commercial and retail use. Project includes the construction of an  eight story, 518 space parking garage with ground floor retail at Laura & Adams  Streets.

Location: NE corner of Laura & Forsyth Streets – Northbank.

7. The Metropolitan Apartments

Developer: Jax Telecom Partners LLC.

Description: Conversion of eight story Jax Telecom Building into a 116 unit  apartment building. Project also includes leaving 80,000sf for existing telecom  tenants and ground floor retail. Late 2006 estimated completion date.

Location: 421 W. Church Street – Northbank.

8. 20 West (Lerner Shops)

Developer: The Kimmick Corporation

Description: Conversion of the former Lerner Shops building into a 20 unit loft  apartment structure. Project will include street retail featuring a Loop Pizza  Grill on Adams Street.

Location: 20 W. Adams Street (across the street from the Carling)